Visual Journal – One Friday in March

Note to reader. They say you should only publish your best work – in this case photographs – in your website. In my Visual Journal series, of which this is the first post, I want to share visual stories of experiences and emotions over a course of a certain period of time. I’m not aiming … [Read more…]

Christmas photo series #1 – Aatonaatto

Aatonaatto isn’t a tongue twister but a Finnish word meaning the day before Christmas Eve. The literal translation is “the eve of the eve”. In Finland the big Christmas day, when you eat well and open the presents, is on the 24th. Christmas Day is reserved for chilling and eating the leftovers. On aatonaatto, the … [Read more…]

What is street portrait photography

What is street portrait photography, how does it differ from traditional portraiture, and how can you do it? The way I see it is that a traditional portrait photography usually takes place either in a studio or outdoors and it involves additional equipment to the camera such as lights, background, props, and makeup and wardrobe … [Read more…]

Shoot more photos and talk less about it

Elvis Presley sang something that applies to my photography: “Little less conversation and little more action please”. You can listen to the song here.) While he meant that in the context of love, with me it applies to photography – what else. I’m very good at talking about (or theorising on) how to do street … [Read more…]

Inspirational Instagram photographers I know

Most of us follow photographers we find inspirational, don’t we? I’m always happy to find new sources of inspiration, hence I wanted to introduce you to some photographers who in my opinion fulfill this requirement. Now, instead of listing some world famous photographers I like, such as Joel Meyerowitz or Matt Stuart who are amazing, … [Read more…]