Arriving home from a trip or vacation is a twofold experience for me. On one hand it’s a relief to return to a familiar place (and wash all your clothes in your own washing machine) but on the other hand it means the trip is over, especially bitter thing if it was a great holiday.

I was recently returning from a short and inspiring trip to London where I attended the London Street Photography Festival, and this time I wished I could’ve stayed longer. London is an amazing place to make photos, a bustling city as it is. But on the other hand I have things I really cherish at home. And, I don’t often call my home city as home, but almost consider it as a temporary base like I was relocating somewhere in the near future – which I hope I am, haha.

As I was starting my return trip from London, I decided to document it. This time I was bit reluctant to return because I had just been at the festival, but I had to return home – uh-hum, base – and had to catch a flight before the end of the festival. I only shot photos of things and places I found interesting. Yes, this is how you should always shoot but sometimes we forget that for number of reasons (getting more “likes” and followers in Instagram is one of the most infamous reasons to this, and we all should stop it).

So, even if I’m very critical about my own photos, I like these ones (at least most of them, haha – sad joke). It was bit of a coincidence that a couple of days before I published this post and the photos, Mike Maloney reminded me that one should find the beauty in your life and photograph it because personal photos are interesting and captivating. Simple rule of thumb for every photographer. Do it for yourself, not for the likes and new followers. (Please check out Mike’s great work on his website.)