It’s Saturday 1 June. Today schools close and pupils, students and teachers start their luxurious two and a half months long summer holidays.

In Finnish June is “kesäkuu”, which literally translates to “summer month”. Often times in Finland summer hasn’t started at the beginning of “kesäkuu” as the temperatures are still below 15 °C (that’s 58 °F, my American readers – you really should get onboard with the metric system) and it’s still rather cold in general. 

I just blabbered two paragraphs about the intricacies of the Finnish school system and the weather because this is a …photography blog. They do, however, relate to spring and this spring I did a short spring photography project with some of my friends!

My spring photography project

My friend and a fellow Helsinki street photographer, Álvaro*, suggested a spring photography project back in March. The idea was to shoot things that scream spring, then edit the photos and print them so that we can view the paper copies together at the end of May over a beer. It was great to see all the photos of everyone in print. Kids, you should try it instead of just watching photos on your phone.

I didn’t shoot for this project purposefully more than once, so I gathered suitable photos from my normal photo walks between March and May. Here are the results, 10 photos. I hope you like them. Also thank you to the friends who helped me edit down the photos. You know who you are. 😉

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*Check out Álvaro’s photos from London. They’ve originally been featured in his London zine but the photos in the website are sequenced to keep the same narrative as in the zine. He’s also in Instagram.

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