I’m Riki, a recovering street photography workshop attendee. The withdrawal symptoms include but are not limited to thinking of photography at least 80% of the time and having a massive need to go out on the streets to shoot every day.

Remember as a child when you wanted to eat chocolate before dinner but your mother or father ruined your masterplan by telling you to eat first? As a kid I couldn’t wait to be an adult so that I could do whatever I wanted – and boy, have I done that now! Binge watching Netflix until four in the morning, eating that chocolate not only before dinner but as a first “meal” of the day before breakfast, you name it.

So why can’t I then just shoot all day every day now? Basically because of life. As a kid we didn’t realise there’s a thing called causality, which ruins all the fun for adults. By eating chocolate I now wonder what will it do to the health of my teeth. By only shooting all the time, I might miss washing laundry and recycling my underwear by turning them inside out isn’t my thing. When I shoot I don’t eat properly (50% of the plate ought to be veggies…), and have no time to meet friends and family, pay bills, and the list goes on.

I partially blame Matt Stuart for my current state (haha…) because his street photography workshop in London was the catalyst for all this. Then my symptoms got aggravated when I helped someone by giving feedback on their beautiful personal photography project. Now I not only want to shoot on the streets all the time but also do my own personal photography project. Vielen Dank, haha…

I’ll dedicate this blog post to all the caring mothers wherever they are. “Look mom, I’m going out to shoot and I might miss paying my electricity bill!”

This was Causality for Dummies, thank you for reading. Here are some photos taken between late March and now.