Note to reader. They say you should only publish your best work – in this case photographs – in your website. In my Visual Journal series, of which this is the first post, I want to share visual stories of experiences and emotions over a course of a certain period of time. I’m not aiming to present perfect photos but a personal, visual journal.

I find it almost odd that I lived through the whole day, Friday, and the strongest emotion I felt was only at the end of the day, in the evening when I was cooking dinner – frying onions to be more precise. The sound of the onions sizzling on the frying pan evoked a feeling so familiar, one that infatuates and often calms me down: the sound of tall deciduous trees swaying in the wind on the borderline of a forest and a field as the wind touches their leaves.

I might not be totally honest above, but I’m being honest enough. The trees swaying in the wind do make me feel calm, as does the sound of onions being fried for delicious bhrwaan bindi evidently.

I want to thank Ilmari Fabritius and Patrick Laroque for the inspiration for my first Visual Journal series. I really like Ilmari’s Memories series and Patrick’s almost poetic posts combining text and photographs. I especially like his Six Days in Tokyo series.