Most of us follow photographers we find inspirational, don’t we? I’m always happy to find new sources of inspiration, hence I wanted to introduce you to some photographers who in my opinion fulfill this requirement.

Now, instead of listing some world famous photographers I like, such as Joel Meyerowitz or Matt Stuart who are amazing, I’m only going to talk about photographers who post their photos in Instagram and whom I’ve been in contact with one way or the other. Some of them I have even met personally.

I do also follow photographers who don’t post their photos in Instagram – or don’t post their best photos in there – but this time I’ll concentrate on fellow Instagramers.

Naser Bayat
This first photographer is one of my latest acquaintances, a street photographer called Naser. He mainly shoots with his phone, he’s fearless, and he has brought back my inspiration to shoot with a phone.

I was lucky to be with him when he took this photo of these guys in Helsinki. When I say he’s fearless, it’s because when he sees a photo he wants to take, he takes it.

I thought the guys would be very unhappy with Naser taking that shot, but he spoke with them shortly afterwards and it all seemed fine. Although this photo is in colour, he mainly makes beautiful black and white photos.

The downside of gotten to know him is that now I’m lusting after the phone he uses, the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a second, a 56mm equivalent “telephoto” lens, and a software-based bokeh effect feature. “Thanks” for the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), Naser, haha!

You can follow Naser here.

Josh White

Josh is a Canadian street photographer living in Korea and one of my favourite photographers. He used to live in the capital, Seoul, before but even if he’s based elsewhere now, many of his photos are captured in Seoul. I know I didn’t coin this phrase, but Josh is the most “seoulful” photographer there is.

Majority of Josh’s photos are in black and white, and I love their look. The initial feeling I get from many of his photos is melancholic. Maybe because he’s from Canada, a northern country that definitely has some affinity with Finland, the most melancholic country in the world, haha. But then again, sometimes Josh shares intriguing stories in his photo captions and blog that sometimes give a positive background story for the given photo.

If you read Josh’s blog or follow him in Instagram, you know he suffers from the most serious GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I’ve ever heard of. He seems to change his camera as often as we change our underwear. It’s actually quite amusing to read about his GAS symptoms, but fortunately for him he now seems to have settled with a film Leica M3.

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Continuing to clean my stream. This photo is from my ongoing lensculture portfolio project about my time here in Korea. I'll post more about it in the next couple of posts. #Seoul #서울. . . #streetphotography #streetphoto #ig_korea #photogsinkorea #blackandwhite #jtinseoul #everydayasia #everydaykorea #ricoh #ricohgrd #28mm #일상 #리코 #lensculture #myfeatureshoot #hikaricreative #Korea #travelphotography Daily spam: As always, happy to let people know that @chulsukim, @aikbengchia, @seanlotman, @nicholasdominictalvola, myself and Junku Nishimura are running an instagram that looks to highlight street and personal documentary photography on instagram. You can find us at @Wearethestreet or tag your photos with #wearethestreet if you want to be a part of the community. We will be featuring other photographers from the tags soon 😉 Give us a follow! Three of the best dudes I know and I'm proud to be part of the team.

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You can follow Josh here.

Satu Saalola & David Rivolier

Why am I grouping these two individuals together? Because they have a similar eye for photography but still hold their own, unique, style.

Satu is a photographer based in France. She’s the mastress of light and portraying the beauty in the mundane.

Yes, it’s a shower curtain. I find it beautiful because it’s such an everyday object shown in a balanced play of light and shadow. She described this photo as homescape photography. Great description, innit.

I also love her portraits even if I’m not a huge portrait photography fan. There’s something about the way her subjects are positioned and the way the light hits them.

Satu has some amazing photographs in her Instagram account. If you browse them through, you definitely can’t call it wasting your time.

You can follow Satu here.

David, also based in France (well, he’s French…), has such a great visual eye. He sees things that many of us can’t, and he can make photographs of them.

The first photos of David I paid attention to were his urban landscape photos. They were like any other urban landscape photos but the way they played with light and people in them was something different.

I’ve been lucky to have met David and see him taking photos. He makes it look so easy and it comes so naturally for him.

David isn’t limited to urban landscape and street photography. He can combine his eye for light and shadow in portrait photography too.

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Sophie 🎂 happy birthday miss 🎉 #dr_faces

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You can follow David here.

So that’s my take on my sources of inspiration. If you felt left out for not being mentioned here, don’t be. Every photographer I follow on Instagram is inspirational to me but today these four exceptional photographers came to my mind. For the others, you can check them through my Instagram profile.

Stay true to yourself.