This Saturday, 1 April, I’m trying to stay awake for straight 24 hours and shoot street photography. This is the second time I’m taking part in the 24HourProject, an annual worldwide street photography event that “gathers street and documentary photographers from around the globe to share in real time as they document the human condition of their city” by sharing one photo every hour.

That means I should stay up for 24 hours while roaming the streets of Helsinki and share my view on the human condition through my Instagram account (or other social media network). This means posting one photo each hour – that’s 24 photos in total. I’m yawning already – not because of boredom but – because I love having a good night’s sleep, and that’s not going to happen this weekend. So why bother?

From my 24HourProject in 2016

Why stay up for 24 hours to take photos?

For the challenge! Last year I took part in the 24HourProject for the first time but I only did maybe 17 hours shooting. Me and my mate started before 6 in the morning by meeting the other local 24HourProject participants for morning coffee and breakfast at the local market. This year though I want to challenge myself, have the opportunity to shoot during the hours I usually never shoot, and be part of this special group of street photographers who will be sleep deprived.

From my 24HourProject in 2016

During last year’s project the weather was freezing cold considering it was already mid-March. This year the date was set for two weeks later – apparently after some lobbying by our 24HourProject ambassador, Meri, who reminded the organiser, Renzo Grande, that not all of the countries have spring in March. So 1st of April it is and how does the weather forecast look like? Bloody freezing again with -4°C (25°F) in the night but during the day it could climb up to +5°C (41°F).

From my 24HourProject in 2016
My gear

As there’s nothing I can do about the weather, the survival is all about the gear. I’ll be wearing plenty of clothes in layers, carrying some snacks and water. Then there’s the camera gear.

Camera gear for 24HourProject 2017

My choice of weapon is my Fujifilm X100T with its fixed 35mm lens, lens hood, thumb grip, two extra batteries, and my iPhone 7 for editing and sharing the photos. I might take the wide angle converter lens too, which converts the focal length to 28mm (equivalent).

How to follow 24HourProject

You can follow me documenting the human condition through my Instagram account. If you want to see the photos taken by our local participants of the 24HourProject, follow the #24hr17_Helsinki hashtag in Instagram.

To see the photos we took last year, check out the #24hr16_Helsinki Instagram hashtag.

In addition, to follow all the photos taken worldwide during this year’s event, follow the #24hr17 hashtag in Instagram.

From my 24HourProject in 2016